Two former seed silos on Copenhagen’s waterfront
have been converted into apartments

10,100 tonne steel grain storage, Australia

10,100 tonne steel grain storage, Australia

Salt storage with control room built-in, Italy

Full Scale Concrete Test Silo at Karpalund (7m diameter 45m high)

Metal silo structure

Older concrete and newer steel silos, France

Tall metal silos

Corrugated steel storage, Germany

Silos with column supports and skirt

FRP farm silo, France

Silo with eccentric discharge

Silo with eccentric discharge

Rectangular shape silo with conical hopper

Rectangular concrete silo battery, Austria

Flyash silo with buckle arrested by hopper impacting the ground

Grain silo en route to total destruction as grain leacks from a buckled zone

Buckling in Metal Silos

Cracking in Concrete Silos

Major Destruction

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